Easy Strippable

The easy strippable installation cables

“ Easy Strippable installation cable offers a lot of convenience and time saving, as we can strip the entire cable in one operation. It reduces waste and we would highly recommend it to other installers. ”

Jos Belgers

Van Boxtel Elektro - Uden

Stripping in no time

When you must connect numerous ends of cable, you want to be able to work quickly and efficiently. Some cables can be difficult to strip. For example, sheathing can stick to the conductors, allowing you to dismantle only short lenghts. There are also times when you have to remove the filler jacket piece by piece between the conductors. Safety is essential. That is why you need to be carefull while dismantling a cable. If you cut too deep, you risk damaging the insulation, which is unsafe. The new materials, which were necessary when the CPR was introduced, did have a negative effect on the stripability of the cables.  

Therefore, under the motto "Enjoy your day at work", our engineers went back to work improve our cables. Thanks to this research, the strippability of cables could be improved. This makes Nexans' installation cables truly Easy Strippable now. 

Advantages of Easy Strippable

The big advantage of Easy Strippable is that you only have to cut once, so you no longer have to cut lengthwise. This saves you a lot of time and limits your risks. Also, you can easily dismantle longer lengths in one go and this can be up to 1 meter long! 

The installation cable is as flexible as ever, talc-free and silicone-free. It is available as standard installation cable and a smoke-free and halogen-free version is available too.

Remember: cut, kink and remove the sheath. 


Too good to be true? No, it is not! Just look:

Most definitely. Nexans.

“ When dismantling the cable you run the risk of cutting into the conductors. This is why you want to cut into the cable as little as possible. With Easy Strippable installation cable you can dismantle up to 1 meter with one cut! ”

Michiel Hendriks

Product Manager Nexans Nederland

The advantages of Nexans' Easy Strippable

You save time: 

With one simple cut in the sheath, you can remove the sheath in a single smooth motion over a length of up to 100 cm. You can immediately go to the next step in the installation.

You work safely: 

You don't have to cut the sheath repeatedly to get it loose, so you don't risk cutting into the insulation which is downright dangerous.

No surprises during the inspection:

With Nexans Easy Strippable you can be sure of the right fire performance: Dca-s2,d2,a3Cca-s1,d1,a1 or B2ca-s1,d1,a1

How does it work?

  1. Cut into the sheath all over at the desired length, and that can be 60 cm or even 100 cm! 
  2. Give a small kink on the cut to break the inner jacket
  3. Remove the sheath over the entire length in just a jiffy! 
  4. Ready to connect!

Did you know our installation cables are UV-resistant?

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Discover our Easy Strippable products

YMvK Dca-s2



Our products packed in the cable unwinding box Nbox and for our clickable unwinding system Mobiway are now Easy Strippable:


* In the datasheet all cables are easily recognizable by Easy Strippable in the description. It concerns all cables with a diameter up to 6 mm2 and up to 5 cores per cable. 

Related document
pdf - 5.4 MB

Easy Strippable: Strippen in een handomdraai (NL)


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