Nexans clickable unwinding system


Work faster with MOBIWAY™

With MOBIWAY  by Nexans you easily transport your drums and unwinding runs smoothly allowing you to continue to work conveniently and quickly. Furthermore, the MOBIWAY system is compact and reusable.

MOBIWAY is available in:

  • YMvK Dca-s2 3G2,5
  • YMvK Dca-s2 5G2,5
  • N-LINE prewired tubes
  • Signal cables
  • Fire alarm cables


Benefits of MOBIWAY

The drums are many times lighter than traditional drums and provide better protection against cable damage than cable rings. MOBIWAY allows you to unwind cables easily, even in difficult conditions such as confined spaces or aerial work platforms. Thanks to the integrated handles, the system is more portable. Connect systems and install several cables at the same time. Is the reel empty? Simply unlock and reuse on a new MOBIWAY drum.

Most definitely. Nexans

MOBIWAY consists of:


Multifunctional handles:

  • Transportation: easy to carry by 1 or 2 people depending on the weight.
  • Unwinding: easy to position in the direction of the pulling without extra tools
  • Combine:  Connect MOBIWAY-systems and pull several cables at the same time.
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MOBIWAY drums :
  • Available in various lengths from 80m to 500m, depending on the diameter of the cable
  • Easy to move thanks to the integrated handle
  • The reels are stackable and do not slide around
  • Made of recycled material
  • Mobiway™ drums can also be recycled and become a raw material for new drums and products.

How do you use MOBIWAY

  • Place a MOBIWAY-MOB flange on the MOBIWAY drum and pull the socket down. 
  • Lock the flange with the Super Locker. Do the same with the other side.
  • Carry the system to the workplace - alone or with 2, depending on the weight.
  • Set the reel down and combine with another MOBIWAY set if necessary.
  • Simply unwind the cable(s)!
  • Is the drum empty? Unclip the MOBIWAY flanges and use them again on another MOBIWAY drum.


Did you know you can crush empty MOBIWAY drums very easily? As a result, empty drums take minimal space and can easily be taken to the recycling center. MOBIWAY drums can be put in the plastic waste and used as a raw material for new products.

MOBIWAY - Now even better!

Now even better

Our R&D has further perfected MOBIWAY. Stronger, durable and even easier to use.  Also, you can now link Mobiway systems together. So you can pull multiple cables at once!

The new MOBIWAY MOB is available via our distribution partners.

The new MOBIWAY MOB flange set has been completely redesigned.  It delivers the following improvements:

The new design provides more stability during unrolling. This makes MOBIWAY even more comfortable to work with

Super Locker
The new locking mechanism with Super Locker is more easily accessible. This allows you to click the flanges onto the MOBIWAY drums even faster. 

The new MOBIWAY MOB can be clicked together. This allows you to unwind multiple cables at once and you can work even faster!

You can carry the MOBIWAY set more easily thanks to the improved handle. The ergonomics provide more safety during use. Are you done? Unlock the flanges from the reel and attach them together, resulting in taking up less space and have them always together for the next job.

The MOBIWAY MOB flange set is made of recycled material. The robustness ensures that you can use the flanges again and again. The new MOBIWAY MOB is compatible with the existing MOBIWAY reels, so you don't need to replace them.

MOBIWAY is available with


YMvK Dca-s2 3G2.5 and 5G2.5 installation cables are also available on MOBIWAY drums. The Easy Strippable installation cables are very easy to dismantle.

Nexans N-LINE

Nexans N-LINE is a prewired conduit made of 30% recycled plastic and includes halogen-free wires and cables. N-LINE is supplied exclusively on MOBIWAY drums

Signal cables

Additionally, a package of signal cable and fire alarm cable is also available on MOBIWAY reels.

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