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Our approach towards a sustainable future

We Electrify The Future, we believe in a future world that is safer and more sustainable for everyone. Locally we are committed too with products and services that will help you in the energy transition. We also contribute actively with initiatives to reduce our own carbon footprint, or that otherwise help towards a sustainable future.

Our Buizingen plant is ISO 14001-certified, the internationally accepted standard with requirements for an environmental management system.  It helps us to actively translate the environmental policy into concrete objectives and to ensure their implementation as well.

Wind turbines Buizingen
Use of wind energy and rainwater

The Buizingen site has for some years been home to a couple of wind turbines. Today, 35% of the plant's electricity needs are generated by wind energy. Rainwater is also collected, which is used as cooling water during the production of cables. The water from these cooling baths is in a closed system, allowing us to avoid environmental pollution from, for example, hot water discharge.

Drum recycling

Europallets and drums are recycled as much as possible at Nexans, reducing the need to produce new drums and pallets. Nexans actively collects empty drums from partners and customers. All these drums are thoroughly inspected after return, and repairs are carried out if necessary.  This already results in a nice performance.

Sustainability is also a key issue in the purchase of new drums. They are made of PEFC-certified wood and for transportation to the factory we let them ship in parts, reducing the number of transport movements each year. After all, a complete drum takes up more space than individual parts.

Environmental Product Declaration (EPD): PEP EcoPassport®

An Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) contains the environmental data of industrial products. The PEP EcoPassport is based on Life-Cycle Assessment (LCA), where products are assessed at each life stage: from production to end-of-life. This is done according to specific rules, the Product Category Rules (PCR), including carbon footprint, energy, water and raw material consumption.

PEP EcoPassport complies with the ISO 14025 standard. For a lot of our products at the Dutch market we now have a PEP EcoPassport available. With our independently tested EPD, you will make a conscious choice for your next construction project!

More about PEP EcoPassport

Circular Plastics Alliance

Only 10% of plastic waste is currently recycled, but with smart solutions, this percentage can be significantly increased in the coming years. Nexans, a member of the Circular Plastics Alliance, aims to actively contribute to accelerating this development. This can be achieved by incorporating more recycled materials into products and packaging, as well as by collaborating with partners and customers to recycle more packaging material through innovative solutions. In this way, we are working together towards a better world.

Our clickable unwinding system, MOBIWAY MOB, is already largely made from recycled materials. Additionally, the MOBIWAY MOB flange set can be reused multiple times, and the MOBIWAY MOB reels can be recycled. Sustainability is also a focus in the N-LINE pre-wired conduit, where over 30% recycled material is already incorporated, and N-LINE is completely halogen-free.

The Eco-Calculator for the building of tomorrow

Save energy & money: choose a larger cable cross-section to reduce heat and energy loss. The online Nexans EcoCalculator calculates the energy savings and shows the payback time of the investment, sometimes even within 2 years!

It also immediately suggests a safer halogen-free cable, ensuring more evacuation time and less damage in case of fire. 

Try the free Nexans EcoCalculator now and start making the right choices!

Find out more about our EcoCalculator

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