New warranty module for extended distances includes PoE

Nexans has updated its warranty module of extended distances to include PoE powered devices. For years Nexans guarantees specific applications over extended channel distances over copper cabling. The reason for this is that in a building some devices, such as CCTV cameras, can be installed further than the permitted 100m channel length from the closest Floor Distributor.

By allowing longer channel lengths a standard IP camera equipped with a 10base-T port can function at a distance up to 177m. And a device fitted with a 10GBase-T port can have its channel length extended up to 120m when using LANmark-7A screened cabling. However, these extended distances excluded PoE powered devices.


Extended distances for PoE powered channels

The new edition of our warranty module includes a second table showing extended distances for PoE powered channels. Some distances are reduced compared to those warranted without PoE due to the additional limits required for PoE transmission. The DC loop resistance is a critical parameter for both data and PoE transmission. For PoE applications, the limit is set to 25 Ohms for the complete channel, regardless of the cabling category used. This makes that PoE powered channels can’t be warranted for some of the very long extended channel lengths. However, the warranted distances are still over the max 100m channel length limit set by the standards.