LANactive 7-port FTTO Switch Solutions - Application Guide

Learn more about Nexans renowned 7-port FTTO switch series


The 7 port switch is part of the GigaSwitch V5 series. This special version has four user ports and three uplinks in different combinations. This allows e.g. the redundant connection of the switches via fibre and the parallel connection of PoE end devices via the RJ45 uplink.

A special version has a PoE+ PSE (Power Source Equipment) uplink as well as a PoE+ PD (Powered Device) uplink that allows remote powering. This brochure will help you to understand the broad and efficient installation possibilities of a Fibre To The Office Solution and find the best suited LAN solution, depending on your building’s needs and condition.

At Nexans, we help develop FTTO-based LANs based on specific customer needs and plans. Our experts are always happy to discuss your specific situation and any requirements you may have! Feel free to get in touch.