Nexans Launches New Tray Cable Range For Dynamic Applications

  • Suitable for the US and Canadian markets, new automation cable range combines the advantages of a tray cable with the high performance capability of a servo motor or multicore cable designed for dynamic applications.
  • Tray cables are ideally suited for a variety of applications including drag trains or moving components in automation systems as well as wind turbines.

Nexans Launches New Tray Cable Range For Dynamic ApplicationsParis La Défense, November 28, 2017 – Tray cables have developed an excellent reputation for providing robust and reliable power and control connections for static automation applications on assembly lines, bottle filling, packaging machines or machine tools. However, the fast-moving automation sector now often calls for cables that can handle motion in several axes, severe acceleration and braking and a vast number of bending cycles. In most cases a standard tray cable wouldn’t cope. Nexans has responded by carrying out a major research and development program to create the new INTERCOND® Tray Cable range that combines the virtues of a tray cable with the dynamic capabilities of an advanced automation cable suitable for servo motor installations.

multicoreTray Cables from the INTERCOND range are available in servo motor and multicore versions. They are suitable for dynamic applications, for example in drag chain or moving machine parts as well as in wind turbines. They offer a faster homologation process for machine tools in particular with reduced installation cost and effort as the cables can be installed without the need for metal conduits. Comprehensive testing by Nexans’ dedicated automation facility has shown that the cables provide superior dynamic performance, with up to 3 million cycles when bending at 7.5 times the cable diameter in drag chain applications as well as supporting speeds up to 240 m/min with an acceleration up to 10 m/s2.

shieldedThe new tray cables are UL and CSA listed – a key requirement for machine tool makers that operate in the US and Canadian markets. They are also MTW (machine tool wires) and  WTTC (wind turbine tray cable) approved. Thanks to CIC (Control and Instrumentation cable) and TC-ER (Tray Cable – Exposed Run) approvals, they can be installed without the use of metal conduits. Resistant to abrasion, as well as oils, coolants and chemicals, they are also suitable for direct burial underground without the need for any extra protection in the form of sheathing or piping. The cables can operate in temperatures varying between -5°C up to +80°C with a nominal voltage up to 1000 V.

The INTERCOND® Tray Cables are manufactured in Nexans’ Pioltello plant in Italy.

As the automation technology evolves, Nexans looks to support the rapid change with this new range of ever-more performant tray cables for fast-moving applications”, said Bob de Kruijf, General Manager for Industry Solutions & Projects Europe. “These new dynamic tray cables will also help Nexans’ customers to be more competitive in the US and Canada where the automation market is growing fast and is becoming increasingly attractive to machine tool manufacturers, both in Europe and worldwide.”

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