Market challenges

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Rail provides an answer to sustainable mobility and the land movement of people and goods. It ensures energy-efficient mass urban/suburban commuting in “smart cities,” regular and high-speed travel between cities, and economical freight transport across continents. 

Population size, urbanization, congestion and economic development have stimulated rolling stock orders, including high-speed trains, electrical multiple units (EMUs), locomotives, trams and metros. Growth is averaging 3.5% annually, and total market volume is expected to reach over 46 billion Euros per annum by 2019. 

What you expect from a cable producer: 

  • Comprehensive range of high-quality rolling stock cables 
  • Common products that meet railway standards worldwide 
  • Integrated systems and harnesses to simplify installation 
  • Longer lifetime for cost savings and lower maintenance 
  • Increased energy-efficiency, compactness and lightness 
  • Services to lower cost-of-ownership and increase competitiveness

Nexans is a highly-experienced, vertical market supplier who can manufacture the hundreds of specialty products necessary to fit out a complete trainset. We have supplied over 80% of the cables used for major projects like Bombardier’s Intercity AGC and the high-altitude Tibet Line, Alstom’s two-level RGV2N TGV, and Siemens VAL 208 driverless metro, often consolidating supply and subsystems in order to eliminate the need for multiple sub-contractors. 

Our FLAMEX® cable solutions include power cables for locos, EMUs, and self-propelled bogies, like the Alstom AGV which offers speeds up to 360 km/h. We developed high-temperature solutions for locomotives, high-voltage connectivity between pantograph and transformers, and low-voltage power for cars. Control cables assure operational performance and safety, while data cables provide surveillance, video and internet. Cable harnesses and jumper cables include optical fiber in hybrid cable systems. 

We assure compliance to standards, with rigorous testing done in our research laboratories. Growing safety demands have driven us to find better ways to assure electrical circuit integrity and improve fire performance. Energy concerns of operators have inspired us to develop smaller, lighter products; and a pressing need for train management has led to significant advances in data cable designs. 
By responding to your operational requirements, Nexans’ Service Program combines just the right cables with a tailored service package to generate immediate and lasting value for your investment.

FLAMEX® for on-track safety and train performance 

  • Complete data/energy cables and components for rolling stock 
  • Full conformity with national and international standards 
  • Integrated harnesses and subsystems, and ERTMS/ETCS solutions 
  • Fire-performance cables to protect the public, personnel and equipment 
  • Rugged, long-lasting cables tested for 20,000 hours of operation 
  • High-performance data cables, including fiber for multimedia 
  • Aluminum conductors; reduced cross-sections for high-temperature cables 
  • Services throughout trainset life cycle, from conception to replacement/recycling